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These stunning plantable milestone cards make for the perfect present to expectant/ new parents, not only do they look beautiful but they really are the gift that keep giving as you can plant them when you are finished and grow beautiful flowers.

Fun activity to do with child, planting instructions are included on the bottom of the box.

What’s included:

X16 Poppy seeded Cards

Hello I’m New Here

One Week Old

Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

One Month Old

Two Months Old

Three Months Old

Four Months Old

Five Months Old

Six Months Old

Seven Months Old

Eight Months Old

Nine Months Old

Ten Months Old

Eleven Months Old

I Am One Today


Each circle is 11cm

Made on 200gsm wildflower Seeded Paper

About our packaging-

The labels and box is recyclable

Crinkled seeded paper filling is biodegradable and so are the cards themselves meaning they can all be planted to grow beautiful flowers.

Please do not leave child unattended with the milestone cards, these are making memories only!!

Plantable Baby Milestone Cards


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