The perfect indulgence gift, what better way to relax than in a beautiful Bali inspired bath with the beautiful scent of velvet Rose & Oud burning in the background. 
Sounds like a perfect evening to me!! 

X3 Hearts Velvet Rose & Oud Wax Melts 
X2 Hearts Rose Petal Jam wax melts 

X1 100g Bag Of Bath Milks

EDEN- Rosewood essential oil is the skins best friend. A powerful tissue regenerator, it softens & firms up skin whilst also soothing eczema and acne. Ylang Ylang essential oil promotes relaxation, alleviate anxiety & can increase sexual desire! 

X1 Bag Of Ruby Red Rose Petal/Orange Slices

X1 Heart Shapes Burner 
Dimensions of burner- 
H:8.5cm W:7.5cm D:7.5cm

X2 tea lights 

X1 Glass Bottle Of Luxury Matches 

Quantity - 1 bottle contains approximately 50 Matches 
Glass bottle dimensions- 90mm x 65mm
Matches - 4.7cm (standard size) 

Wax melt safety - Remove wax melt from all packaging and place it into your chosen burner. 
Use with an unscented candle, keep out of reach from children or pets. keep away from draughts, do not move while lit and never leave unattended, always check for cracks in your burner before using it as this can be a fire hazard.

Place 2 generous handfuls into running bath water, add your sweet fruit slices & petals, then dip into your very own Bali Bath and Enjoy!
Your fruit slices & petals are reusable! After each use, place them back into the pouch and pop them in the freezer. When you wish to reuse, add warm water to the pouch then add to your Bali Bath. 
PLEASE NOTE - The petals may stain if on light coloured surface

Pamper Gift Set